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April 2011

20 March 2011

FANTASTIC NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SaTaMu is Primary Lens Luxation CLEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 2011

19 March 2011

SaTaMu Ma Shen - Challenge Dog, BOB
SaTaMu White Tiger - Challenge Bitch, RUBOB



12 March 2011 - Proston Agricultural Show

After quite a large break from the show ring, we started off again.  Mum came along for a day out, with Kublai, Kirin and me.  After an 'interesting' beginning, it ended up a successful day.

SaTaMu Kublai Khan - Challenge Dog, BOB
SaTaMu White Tiger - Challenge Bitch, RUBOB, Junior in Group

February 2011


My friend Jeanette Bryce of Koeke Chinese Cresteds in New Zealand, took on the role to co-ordinate articles and photographs for the feature for the New Zealand Kennel Club magazine for February 2011, in which they were featuring the Chinese Crested.  Jeanette asked me to send her some photos of my cresteds.  From the photos that were submitted, I was fortunate enough that the members of the magazine committee selected my Kublai as the cover.  Thank you for this honour.

Ghengis and Kirin photos were also selected to illustrate one of the articles submitted to the magazine.  Again, a big thank you to the committee. 




September 2010

28 September 2010

10 years old today!
Happy Birthday to Pixie, Oscar, Honey, Angel, Flame and T'ian.  Wow, time flies.  10 years since I bred my first litter.  I hope you all had a wonderful day Dragon babies.

A big thank you to Debbie and Eric for the lovely birthday card - Angel, Flame and T'ian loved it!!!  We hear that Pixie had a very exhausting birthday, but it was so fantastic!

May 2010

2 May 2010 - Burnett Kennel Club

SaTaMu Kublai Khan - Challenge Dog, BOB
SaTaMu Green Dragon - Challenge Bitch

1 May 2010 - South Burnett National Kingaroy

SaTamu Kublai Khan - Challenge Dog, BOB
SaTaMu Wang Zhaojun - Challenge Bitch
SaTaMu White Tiger - Minor of Breed

March 2010

27 March 2010 - Goomeri Agricultural Show

SaTaMu Kubali Khan - Challenge Dog, BOB
SaTaMu Wang Zhaojun - Challenge Bitch, Puppy in Group
SaTaMu White Tiger - Baby of Breed

20 March 2010 - Murgon Agricultural Show

SaTaMu Kublai Khan - Challenge Dog, BOB
Xioma Timeless Beauty - Challenge Bitch
SaTaMu Green Dragon - Baby of Breed

13 March 2010 - Proston Agricultural Show

SaTaMu Kublai Khan - Challenge Dog, BOB, Australian Bred in Group
Xioma Timeless Beauty - Challenge Bitch

February 2010

28 February 2010 - Gympie and District Kennel Club

Prefix Smoke on the Water - 3rd Veterans Sweepstakes
SaTaMu Wang Zhaojun - Challenge Bitch

Sa'TaMu would like to congratulate Sally and Sylvia Johnson of Xioma for titling Sa'TaMu Ghengis Khan's stunning daughter Xioma Butterfly Effect.  Tsuni is a stunning hairless bitch that was very sparingly shown.  Her largest win, Best of Breed at the Adelaide Royal at 10 months.



31 December 2009

New Years Eve Confirmation Show - Durack
Sa'TaMu Ghengis Khan BOB
My youngsters did not do as well as I would have liked, could possibly have something to do with not doing enough shows.  Fingers crossed there will be a few more in 2010.


17 October 2009

Great news from Gwynn and Cory about Katie, aka Satamu Fuwu Nini.  Katie took 1st place at her obedience competition - Beginner 4.  I hope she continues to do well in this arena.

Another Contratulations to one of the Sa'TaMu babies - SaTaMu Xi Shi took Baby in Group in New South Wales this weeked, as well as 2nd in Baby Puppy Sweepstakes - Congratulations Lyn.

4 October 2009

Star whelped a wonderful litter of four.  Two boys, one hairless and one puff; and two girls, both hairless.  Mum and babies are healthy and doing well.



12 September 2009

Finally some pictures of Ghengis' latest litter to Dora, Xioma Take Me As I Am.  There were two lovely little puff boys in the litter, born on July 20.  They are now 8 weeks old.

10 September 2009 - Adelaide Royal Show

Tsunami - Xioma Butterfly Effect - sister to Xioma Timeless Beauty (Pink);  daughter to Sa'TaMu Ghengis Khan - was magnificient for Sally today.  She showed her socks off taking Best of Breed at 10 months of age over 2 Grand Champions and 7 Champions.  What an amazing effort for one so young.  Congratulations Sally!!!!! (Picture to follow)



23 August 2009 - Redcliffe Peninsula Kennel Club Show

Ghengis - BOB
Khagan - RUBOB
Pink - Challenge Bitch
Ma Shen - Open of Breed
All groomed and ready to leave home at 5am, we headed to Janet's.  We transferred dogs, trolley, etc and with a lovely Lhasa we arrived at Durack.  With Janet, Janet, Peter, Mark and John setting up together,  all had a lovely day with good friends, good food and dogs that showed well.  I was very happy with Khagan and Pink - we havn't shown for so long, but they handled themselves quite well.


JULY 2009

4 July 2009

I have just heard from Gwynn and Cory, Katie's owners.  They have just come back from a 6 week holiday through ACT, NSW and SA.  Katie had a fantastic time - so many photos to look at.  Thanks so much Gwynn for letting me see them.


JUNE 2009

28 June 2009 - Gympie & District Kennel Club

CH Satamu Ghengis Khan - BOB
Xioma Timeless Beauty - Challenge Bitch (the first points towards her title from Puppy Class)

20 June 2009 - Woodford Agricultural Show

Satamu Ma Shen - BOB

14 June 2009

Panda (SaTaMu Fuwu JingJing) left for his new home with Sanne, Jordan, Khan and Wawa.  I hope he loves his new home and family as much as Khan and Wawa do.  Sanne thanks for being such a wonderful home for my 'kids', I couldn't ask for better.

12 June 2009

I would like to wish Solveig and Reilly (SaTaMu Fuwu YingYing) a huge congratulations on gaining the first points towards Reilly's title.  Solveig has Reilly's coat looking absolutely magnificient.  Can't wait for some more shows and some more points. 

4 June 2009

Kehan arrive safe and sound at his wonderful, new home with Shannon Verissimo in the US.  I hope that Kehan's show career will be outstanding.  I will miss him so much, but I know he is in a loving home. 

MAY 2009

20 May 2009

Ghengis is having a wonderful few months.  He has had another pretty little thing come visit.  Can't wait till the end of July to see whether he will continue to sire beautifu, quality babies.



APRIL 2009

25 April 2009

We have babies.  Four lovely little girls.  I still retain my 'title' of The Puff Queen, more puffs than hairless - I love my puffs, but it would be wonderful to have a litter that had more hairless.


MARCH 2009

29 March 2009 - Sunshine Coast Kennel Club show
Satamu Flying Star - Challenge Bitch
Xioma Timeless Beauty - Baby of Breed

Star gained the final points to make her - Australian Champion Satamu Flying Star - YEAH!!!!!!!!

Time for my two babies to start their show careers. 

14 March 2009 - Proston Agricultural Show
SaTaMu Ma Shen - BOB, Challenge Dog
SaTaMu Flying Star - Challenge Bitch
Xioma Timeless Beauty - Baby in Group, Baby of Breed

SaTaMu Heavenly Khegan is showing well, but at this stage his half sister is showing just that little bit more spark. 


Sanna brought Khan, SaTaMu Khan OChina, to visit.  She also brought Michelle, Jordan and her grandson.  It was wonderful to see her again.  Sanna, you have Khan looking spectacular - could definately take him into the show ring looking  like he does.


1st March 2009 - Gympie and District Kennel Club
CH SaTaMu Ghengis Khan - BOB, Challenge Dog
SaTaMu Flying Star - Challenge Bitch
Xioma Timeless Beauty - Baby in Group, Baby of Breed and 2nd in Baby Puppy Sweepstakes





Hammer, Zalex Beautiful Norwegian Lover Boy (imp Norway), arrived from Xioma, Adelaide, for a short visit.  I met with Gail and Ken as they had a very special boy arrive on the same flight.  We had a lovely visit, lunch and the company of Solveig and Reilly, Sa'TaMu Ying Ying.



Pink and Khagan came along for the trip so they could get used to travelling in the can and so meet Gail and Ken.  They managed the outing without any concerns.



The girls have their names - Xioma Timeless Beauty, Xioma Butterfly Effect and Xioma a Moment in TIme.  Xioma Timeless Beauty, Pink, is staying here in Queensland with me.  Xioma Butterfly Effect, Tsunami, is going with Mum back to Sally in Adelaide.  Xioma a Moment in Time, Oprah, is staying in Queensland with Gail.



My boys have been named - SaTaMu T'ian Kehan (puff) and SaTaMu Heavenly Khagan (hairless).






The babies are growing and looking fantastic.  After discussions with Sally (Xioma), the little pink girl will be staying with me - YEAH!!




My little boys are getting older.  The puff is just soooo cute, his hairless brother, well, he is just going to have to stay.  I am very pleased with the way these boys are growing.



A few weeks later, Sa'TaMu Ghengis Khan's second litter to Sa'TaMu Celestial Dragon (T'ian) arrived.  Two gorgeous healthy little boys, one hairless and one puff.  I have wanted a babies from T'ian - and finally.....


Sa'TaMu Ghengis Khan has sired his first litter to Xioma De Je Vue.  Three beautiful girls, two hairless and one powder puff.  I am so happy with these babies.










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